SST provides a number of different services under the sports medicine umbrella. Insurance or our direct access, self-pay programs can be used.
An explanation of these sevices is provided below

Physical Therapy

SST provides out-patient orthopedic physical therapy and rehabiliation programs that specialize in treating the athlete or active individual who wants to return to a high level of function.

Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Many clinicans who work at SST have taken continuing education to learn how to perform instrumeted soft tissue

Return to Sport Conditioning Program

Often there is a need to “bridge the gap” between the time when formal rehabilitation ends and when an individual is cleared to be able

Custom Orthotics

Many lower extremity biomechanical issues can be addressed by having custom orthotics fabricated to help stabilize the foot and realign the lower

Self Pay Programs

Another option we are happy to offer is a self pay program

Insurance Plans

We accept a number of insurance plans from many different providers!

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